Departs Palermo (or by prior arrangement Trapani)
~ 24th June 2013 ~ Concludes Catania ~ 30th June 2013


The “Sicily Geoheritage Week 2013” is a proposal of field group experience on the relationship between geological and cultural heritage and the complexity of geological processes in Sicily.  

The main idea is to link a trial of “Geointerpretation” (the art or science of determining and then communicating the meaning or significance of a geological or geomorphological phenomenon, event, or location) with Sicilian history.

Many small and large Sicilian “geosites” (key localities or areas showing geological features of intrinsic scientific interest) are fundamental to our understanding of the Earth evolution, especially of the Mediterranean area, besides, the island of Sicily includes a large variety of sedimentary, metamorphic and volcanic environments, where geological and cultural sites converge and interact carrying out to original links.

Therefore, the idea of a Tour starts from a panoramic viewpoint in the “Stagnone Lagoon” - Marsala area - to continue with a guided travel from the East to West coast, overcoming the common idea of a static landscape, and giving to those interested, a chance to reach easily the most interesting geological and cultural sites. Several stops will be made on the way, some of these will be in Geoparks, Regional Parks, Nature Reserves, Marine Protected areas, Nature 2000 network while others will be in rural or urban areas.

All participants are invited to contribute to the briefings post-excursions through informal exchanges that focus on activities and practical experiences and provide reflections on visited sites and ideas on the promotion of new “cultural bridges” between the island of Sicily and other areas of relevant geological and cultural interest.
An illustrated guide (with geographically referred sites, thematic maps and annexed literature cited) will be sent to all participants by email before the tour in Sicily.

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