MATERA, SEPTEMBER 14th, 15th and 16th, 2017
Chiesa del Cristo Flagellato,  Ex Convento di San Rocco

Natural and anthropic systems have voices and languages. Nowadays it is not difficult to intercept voices thanks to the development of analytical methods and sensor technology; the decoding of language, the communication of these voices, is more difficult. In particular, the problem is attributable to the language decoding in order to define if it contains messages of physiological normality or if it contains signals, often of small intensity, which must lead to the passage to the subsequent phases of risk management, attention and alert. This is further complicated by the risk perception and analysis by stakeholders and decision-making centre and by political and/or administrative management. Daily examples are: components of endemic environmental matrices, but unknown as such; physiological noise in rock masses, in whom are hidden those due to the propagation or beginning of new cracks; underground Cultural Heritages open to the public without adequate hazard analysis.
Some of the most quoted international experts have accepted the invitation to participate and share their experiences and the latest news in the field of their research. The attempt is to facilitate the transfer of best knowledge and technology into a safer systems management.

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