Field trip along the Gargano Headland coast

(D. Sollitto, O. Simone and A. Fiore)


7.00: Departure from Bari to Mattinata - East Gargano headland

The Gargano is an almost entirely mountainous headland. It reaches a maximum altitude of 1055m (Monte Calvo) and extends into the Adriatic Sea for several kilometres. The promontory is part of the Mesozoic–early Cenozoic Apulia Carbonate Platform, which beginning in the Neogene acted as the main foreland of the Apennine thrust belt.
From the geomorphological point of view, the eastern headland coastline shows a number of deeply carved fluvial valleys. A dense fluvial network (nowadays almost inactive) coming from the most elevated areas, cuts the soft fine grained Cretaceous limestone that crops out in the coastal area.
During our field trip, part of which is by boat, we will see the amazing landscape characterized by steep cliffs, sea caves, arches and stacks along the coast between the towns of Mattinata and Vieste. Swimming suit is strongly recommended!


9.30: Arrival at the small port of Mattinata, the East Gargano headland seen by a boat

13.00: Mattinata area, lunch break

14.30: The East Gargano headland seen by land

17.30: Mattinata, departure to Bari

20.00: Arrival to Bari

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