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  1. Recognition, assessment and practical management of geosites
  2. Geodiversity assessment methodologies
  3. Focus on current geomorphosites research (assessment and mapping) and recent studies in various geomorphological contexts
  4. Legal frameworks to support geoconservation strategies at different levels
  5. Up-to-date on how the national and regional inventories are going to develop in Europe, mainly in Mediterranean area
Geological Heritage and
Land-use planning
  1. Threats and constraints imposed by land-use planning
  2. How to integrate geoconservation in land-use planning
  3. Geo-archaeology
  4. Geoheritage ex-situ
  5. Good examples and possibilities in regional and local planning
Geoparks and Geotourism
  1. Conflicts and/or possible convergence between geoconservation and geotourism
  2. Geotourism as new potential for local development
  3. Policies for sustainable management and geosite use in geoparks
  4. Presentation of best practices and lesson learned in Geoparks for local development
Cooperation and Education
  1. Implementation of the most effective outreach methods for successful communication with public, decision- and policy-makers
  2. Presentation of best practices in international cooperation
  3. Local initiatives in scientific diffusion and education
  4. Capacity building for teaching geoscience in life-long learning programs



Deadlines Registration fees
April 30th, 2012 € 140 (students, SIGEA and ProGEO members: € 100)
June 30th, 2012 € 170 (students, SIGEA and ProGEO members: € 130)
August 31st, 2012 € 200 (for all participants)

Registration fees will cover the materials of the Symposium the coffee breaks and other cultural events (details within the final programme in August 2012).

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