Closing of the Scientific Research Project of Relevant National Interest 2008 (PRIN 2008)


Scientific Units: University of Basilicata, Polytechnic of Bari, University of Calabria, CNR – ISSIA Bari

The PRIN 2008 project has been focused on recent techniques for managing hazard and risk connected to instability phenomena (landslides and sinkholes)and mitigation strategies. In particular, the main objectives concerned the elaboration of landslide susceptibility and risk maps by using different forecasting  models, the analysis of landslide occurrence and the monitoring of landslide precursors and kinematic markers.

The closing conference of the PRIN 2008 project is organized around three sessions and one special session.

The first session on Thursday morning concerns local experiences on the topics of the Scientific Project; the second session, on Friday morning, concerns the presentation of the project results achieved by the four Scientific Units; the third, on Friday afternoon,  is dedicated to foreign and italian scientists, and it is aimed at offering the updated state of the art and trends in the studies on hazard coming from landslides and land instability from natural and anthropogenic cavities (underground extraction of building materials, karst processes and sinkholes).
One special session on Thursday afternoon will deal with the multidisciplinary approach in the study of an instability process: Kinematics, petrography, hydrodynamics, hydrogeochemistry, remote sensing, hazard evaluation.

Finally at the end of the morning of the second day, experts will debate on the possibility to improve the public board action in hazard management by exploiting the recent advances in this field.
Long abstract are welcome on the topics of the workshop (land instability hazard and risk assessment and mapping landslide occurrence previsional models, early warning techniques); they will be referred and published on a special issue of “Geologia dell’Ambiente – Periodico SIGEA”.

Selected authors will be invited to present a full paper, which will be published in a special issue of an international journal.

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