Matera and the Apulia Foreland - Alta Murgia National Park

(V. Iurilli, O. Simone and M. Tropeano)


9.00: Departure from Matera

Stop 1 - Matera, Belvedere locality

A "special" look to the old town ("Sassi") of Matera, placed on the right wall of a canyon-type valley ("gravina") along the boundary between the foredeep and foreland domains. 

Stop 2 - Altamura, Pontrelli quarry, the dinosaurs footprints

Dinosaurs footprints impressed on the top a mudstone layer belonging to the Cretaceous “Calcare di Altamura” Formation of the Apulian Carbonate Platform.

13.00: Altamura (countryside), lunch break.

Stop 3 - Altamura, Masseria Ragone, the Altamura Man

A "virtual tour" through the cave where, in 1993, speleologists found the almost complete skeleton of the "Altamura Man", a Homo neanderthalesis.

Stop 4 - Altamura and Gravina in Puglia area, the Murgian "Puli"

Spectacular collapse dolines, among the largest in the Italian karst landscape.

18.00: arrival to Bari (Bari Palese aeroport – Bari train station)

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