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 (M. Bentivenga and G. Palladino)


8.00: Departure from Matera

Stop 1 - Craco

Geological characters of the Southern Appennine front-foredeep transition.

Stop 2 – Aliano badlands

Panorama view and description of badlands areas cropping out in the Aliano territory.

Stop 3 - Alianello fold

Tectono-stratigraphical caracters of the Alianello fold.

13.30: lunch

Stop 4 - Monte Volturino fold

Panorama view and description of the M. Volturino sincline cropping out in the high Agri valley.

Stop 5 - Monte Lama and Serra di Calvello fold

Panorama view and description of the M. Lama and Serra di Calvello fold cropping out in the high Agri valley.

Stop 6 - Sasso di Castalda

Tectono-stratigraphical organization of the Lagonegro Basin succession cropping out in the Sasso di Castalda village.

17.30: departure to Matera

20.00: arrival to Matera


Field Trips:
Organized by:

Sept. 24
one day

FT1pre) Gargano National Park Oronzo Simone, Donato Sollitto and
Antonello Fiore
FT2pre) Salento Peninsula Paolo Sansò and Giuseppe Mastronuzzi
Sept. 27-28
two days


first day: Southern Appennine -
Appennino Lucano National Park

second day: Matera and the Apulia
Foreland - Alta Murgia National Park

Mario Bentivenga and
Giuseppe Palladino

Marcello Tropeano, Vincenzo Iurilli and
Oronzo Simone

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The registration fee includes: attendance at all scientific sessions, congress kit, no. 2 coffee breaks (September 25th – 26th), no. 1 lunch (September 25th), cultural events and certificate of attendance.


All cancellations regarding your registration should be submitted in writing to “Centro Italiano Congressi CIC Sud”. For cancellations before September 10th 2012, 20% of the registration fees is refundable. No refund is due after this date. All refunds will be handled after the congress is over.

All participants are kindly asked to submit their contribution before June 15 th, 2012.

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