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 (M. Bentivenga and G. Palladino)


8.00: Departure from Matera

Stop 1 - Craco

Geological characters of the Southern Appennine front-foredeep transition.

Stop 2 – Aliano badlands

Panorama view and description of badlands areas cropping out in the Aliano territory.

Stop 3 - Alianello fold

Tectono-stratigraphical caracters of the Alianello fold.

13.30: lunch

Stop 4 - Monte Volturino fold

Panorama view and description of the M. Volturino sincline cropping out in the high Agri valley.

Stop 5 - Monte Lama and Serra di Calvello fold

Panorama view and description of the M. Lama and Serra di Calvello fold cropping out in the high Agri valley.

Stop 6 - Sasso di Castalda

Tectono-stratigraphical organization of the Lagonegro Basin succession cropping out in the Sasso di Castalda village.

17.30: departure to Matera

20.00: arrival to Matera

(G. Mastronuzzi & P. Sansò)


The field trip allows the main features of coastal landscape of the southern Apulia to be observed. Main topics will be the climatic and sea level change effects on landscape evolution during geological time as well as the impact of recent tsunamis.


8.00: departure from Bari

Stop 1 – T.S. Sabina: Coastal evolution response to Holocene sea level change (mid-Holocene dune belt, solution pipes, historical sea level change)

Stop 2 – The bauxite quarry of Otranto: the tropical island (Tertiary tropical soil, lagoonal deposits)

13.30: lunch

Stop 3 – Porto Badisco: Pleistocene sea level change and historical tsunami (marine terraces, megaboulders, karstic landforms)

Stop 4 – Porto Miggiano: The beautiful landscape (Oligocene coral reef, Pleistocene sedimentary structures, cliffs and coastal management)

18.00: departure to Bari

20.00: arrival to Bari

25 Sept. - The Romanic Cathedrals

Trani Cathedral Castel del Monte

This full day tour introduces you to the many architectural delights dating from the Swabian era.  See the dazzling town of Trani and the impressive Castel del Monte with its incomparable views.

The lovely town of Trani is constructed of pale stone, which contrasts beautifully with the blue sea of the pretty harbour. The wide paved streets and elegant buildings show the prosperity Trani gained over the centuries. You’ll visit Trani Cathedral, which features typical Apulian-Romanesque architecture. Its location next to the glittering sea makes this Cathedral picture perfect.

Before leaving Trani you’ll see the Swabian Castle, constructed for Frederick II of Swabia in 1233. This impressive fortified structure has undergone numerous renovations and today reflects its more military purpose.

During your tour you’ll have a chance to sample some of the wonderful foods during lunch at a local restaurant.

A highlight of your tour will be a visit to Castel del Monte. This precisely designed castle was built for Fredric II and has an octagonal central structure, with 8 identical towers. The hilltop location affords magnificent views over the surrounding countryside and to the town of Andria.  The castle has been restored to its former 12th century glory and is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.



26 Sept. - Bari

Bari Bari - Teatro Margherita
Bari - Castello Svevo Bari - Basilica of St Nicholas

Allow your guide to show you the delights of the fascinating city of Bari, principal of the Apulian region.  Discover the old town with its impressive castle and cathedral, the quaint cobbled streets and bustling piazzas.

Visit Bari’s wonderful Swabian Castle built for Frederick II. Modifications carried out by the Aragonese in the 1500’s were undertaken to accommodate Isabel of Aragon.

Appreciate the marvellous gothic façade and wonderfully animated rose window of St Sabine’s Cathedral.  During your walk you’ll also be introduced to the Basilica of St Nicholas, the symbol of Bari. This impressive basilica houses the mortal remains of Saint Nicholas and is a masterpiece of Apulian- Romanesque architecture. During your visit your guide will recount the tales of Saint Nicholas and how his plight came to be know as modern day Santa Claus.

The narrow cobbled streets and piazzas of the Old Town are a delight to explore. Enjoy the facades of the medieval buildings, the small Renaissance and Baroque churches packed tightly into the small streets lined with quaint shops, restaurants and bars, all emanating a heady atmosphere of local life.



27 Sept. - Matera

Matera Matera
Matera Matera

This delightful tour shows you beautiful Apulian and Basilicata landscapes, the clustered hilltop town of Matera with its intriguing caves.

Travel inland to enjoy views of the Apulian countryside as you reach the region of Basilicata. Here you’ll stop at a wonderful viewpoint to capture the scene of Matera crowning the hilltop in the distance.

On entering Matera, you’ll embark on a walking tour to discover the hidden gems of this clustered hilltop town. Your guide will take you down through the town’s hillside to an ancient ‘Sassi’ cave dwelling. Learn of how local people lived in these caves until as recently as 1968!  You’ll have free time in Matera to wander at leisure, take in the spectacular views, browse the shops, see the churches and museums or simply relax in a nearby café and watch the world go by.


For other tourist information, please, visit: Viaggiare in Puglia


Field Trips:
Organized by:

Sept. 24
one day

FT1pre) Gargano National Park Oronzo Simone, Donato Sollitto and
Antonello Fiore
FT2pre) Salento Peninsula Paolo Sansò and Giuseppe Mastronuzzi
Sept. 27-28
two days


first day: Southern Appennine -
Appennino Lucano National Park

second day: Matera and the Apulia
Foreland - Alta Murgia National Park

Mario Bentivenga and
Giuseppe Palladino

Marcello Tropeano, Vincenzo Iurilli and
Oronzo Simone

supported by

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